History of the Museum

The beginning of the Museum

             The Lutheran Museum which constitutes the third branch of the collections of the Hungarian Lutheran Church besides the Archives and the Library began its activity in 1973. The Archives exist since the middle of the 18th century; the Library would be in 1957 independent from the Archives.

            The years between the foundation and the first opening of the Museum were spent with busy preparations. Frames had to be provided for the operation of the Museum and the planning of the first permanent exhibition demanded time as well.

             Due to the initiatives of the church-leadership and the help of the state-autho­rities the Museum was awarded a part of the one-time famous building, the "Insula Lutherana" in the heart of the city, in the summer of 1978. The restora­tion of the old building - having originally been designed by the architect János Krausz and erected between 1793 and 1797 —begun soon after the foundation. The total installing of the interior of the Museum was arranged with the help of the Cultural Ministry and designed by the Central Direction of Museums.

             In the first phase of the preparation for the first permanent exhibition we made a catalogue of the works of art and relics of our past. They have survived in our congregations, church-institutions or central collections. The organization of the Supervision for Church-collections made possible to prepare the material to be exhibited. The staff-members of state-museums gave assistance in the definition, conservation and restoration of works of art.

             This exhibition first presents in the history of Hungarian Protestantism the most important manuscripts, printed materials or objects of our Lutheran church.

             The organizers of the exhibition had the aims of church- and cultural history in mind. We tried to answer the question: to what extent the Hungarian-speaking, German-speaking and Slovakian-speaking Lutheran peoples of the Augsburg Confession in the Kárpát-valley contributed to spread the Gospel and to develop our national culture.

             The Permanent exhibition was organized by Dr. Tibor Fabiny, Professor of the Theological Academy and he would be the first Director of the Museum.


The first Director of the Museum

             The opening ceremony of the Museum and of the Permanent Exhibition with the title: Lutherans in the Hungarian culture happened on the 27th of July 1979.

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